Teppan Sakaba: Where Sizzling Flavors Create Unforgettable Culinary Journeys

At Teppan Sakaba, we’re more than just a restaurant, we’re artisans of experience. We bring the magic of teppanyaki to Kuala Lumpur, crafting sizzling symphonies of flavor right before your eyes.

Walking through our doors isn’t just entering a space, it’s stepping into a theater of culinary art. The sizzle of the teppanyaki grill becomes the soundtrack, the dance of flames and spatulas the mesmerizing performance. We source the finest ingredients, from melt-in-your-mouth wagyu to ocean-fresh seafood, ensuring every bite is a testament to quality.

But it’s not just about the show. We craft each dish with meticulous care, paying homage to tradition while introducing playful twists. Our Teppan Tianjing Rice, a fluffy marriage of egg and rice bathed in our special sauce, is a comforting classic. The Unagi Tama Don, with its melt-in-your-mouth eel and perfectly balanced sweet-savory sauce, is a true crowd-pleaser.

Teppanyaki, however, is just one act in our culinary play. We offer a diverse symphony of flavors, from the fiery Mapo Tofu dancing on your tongue to the Osaka Seafood Okonomiyaki, a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. And let’s not forget the Pork Hamburg Curry Stew, a soul-warming masterpiece simmered to perfection.

Of course, no culinary journey is complete without the perfect accompaniment. We boast a curated selection of sake, each bottle holding a story waiting to be uncorked. Whether you prefer the delicate whispers of yuzu or the bold character of a smoked brew, we have the perfect pairing to elevate your experience.

At Teppan Sakaba, we strive for more than just satisfied customers. We want to create memories that linger long after the last bite, moments of laughter shared over crackling flames and sizzling flavors. We see smiles reflected in the polished teppanyaki grill, hear stories woven into the clinking of sake glasses. It’s this connection, this shared journey of culinary delight, that truly fuels our passion.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a meal, come experience the magic of Teppan Sakaba. We invite you to sit back, let the flames guide you, and savor the flavors that create unforgettable culinary journeys.

Location: Teppan Sakaba at Faber Towers, Lot G13, Japan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur 

Operating Hour: 12.00-3.00pm/ 5.00-10.30pm (Open Daily)

For more information, please visit Izakaya Group Website. 

Call us at
Tansen Izakaya: 03-7731 3386
Teppan Sakaba: 03-7971 7678
Butaya Izakaya: 03-2389 4172

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